Since 2010 Fare Soldi are a household name for everyone who loves modern disco stuff. Their obsession about looking for the perfect groove let their remixes (for Duck Sauce, Beyoncé, Congorock, Toro Y Moi among others) rise to reach dancefloors all around the world, released on quality labels like Southern Fried, Ministry of Sound, Kitsuné. As long as their own productions, released on many singles and eps throughout these years, and played by djs like Armand Van Helden, Alan Braxe, The Magician, Dimitri From Paris, A-Trak and many others. And many dancefloors around the world have been rocked by Fare Soldi themselves, in a non stop touring that brought the guys and their famous golden jackets many times in the States, all around Europe and in Asia. After being #1 on Hypemachine.com with their smashing remix for Blackstreet'sNo Diggity” at the beginning of 2013, the two italians producers took a long pause to recollect ideas. And here's the result of this work, “Disco Or Die”. 5 tracks to redefine what disco is in 2013. In 2014 the due kept touring around Europe on the wave of remixes for Madonna, Stardust and their version of "Bitch don't kill my vibe" by Kendrick Lamar until the single "Macca & Cheese / Eis Coffee", released at the end of the year.

It's 2015 and the guys are working on new stuff with some big suprises.
If you REALLY like to groove, don't miss them.

WORLDWIDE: info@riotmaker.net


• No Diggity rmx just went #1 on Hypem!
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• Professione Vacanze preview on Neonized

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• Deathelectro Fare Soldi exclusive Q&A
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•Casotto review + interview
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• Jump Jump Dance Dance - 2.0 (Fare Soldi "Zompa Zompa" rmx)
coming out april 8 via Ministry of Sound! preview HERE.

Salacious Sounds:These dudes have been churning out some of the best contemporary disco music for over ten years now so really, why wouldn’t we love them?
Triple J Radio: These guys are uber-talented and speak awesome broken English. Remember the name kids, for these guys will be gracing our shores on festival bills in no time at all.
Too Many Sebastians: Mentalist Italian-Disco-House Duo Fare Soldi had a Coffee a few weeks ago, the results are like when Popeye has Spinach except instead of beating some fat guy with a beard they make remixes.
Binary Entertainment:
Fare Soldi rev it up, faster, funkier and chopped like only Fare Soldi do, this one destroys the dance floor, with class. At 2:35 when the beat drops sick like, bass pumping,tempo throbbing….they own you!
Discobelle: The Fare Soldi boys remixes fellow Italian Congorock and his absolute monster of a track, "Babylon" which here receives a summery update that has us dancing around the office.
Soundcraves: Check out this Italian crew that's taken the world by storm this year.  fast paced dance electro.  This song seems to be everywhere.
Discodemons: This tune immediately got stuck on repeat after the first listen, it's just too surprising, tropical and cheerful to ignore.
S'Il Vous Plait: The FS sound is all about big-time bouncy, summer-fun vibes, filtered through silky smooth layers of house rhythms topped up with distorted synths to add a funky grit, with a traditional on-the-money disco beat keeping your toes/fingers/heads nodding/tapping/twitching. I live for this shit!
Fare Soldi is the most fun you can have without being naked.
Stoneyroads: with tons of props from the nu-disco community it's surprising to see fewer accolades then deserving of the italian duo. Injecting flavour and funk into every production will hopefully see a successful career in making peoples lives oh that much more sweeter.
Tracasseur: the guys seem as hard to pinpoint as their music, evidenced by the philosophical question "to pump or not to pump"
Audioporn: atomic 'n superpumpin!
Playmakers playground: It's always a party when the Fare Soldi are at the controls. Yes they deliver, bring you the instant slab-bass funk, maximized for full dancefloor potential!
Trash Menagerie: Fare Soldi are from Italy and they are among the few that have survived the storm that Crookers, Bloody Beetroots and the likes have unleashed. Fare Soldi bravely still hold the flag of italo disco high.



Riotmaker Records (2014)

Fare Soldi - DISCO OR DIE
Riotmaker Records (2013)

Fare Soldi - Paghetta
Riotmaker Records (2012)


Punks Jump Up - Get Down
(Fare Soldi "Sburtait" rmx)
Kitsunè (2012)

Fare Soldi - Casotto
Riotmaker Records (2011)

Fare Soldi - Bullygans ep
Riotmaker Records (2011)

Jump Jump Dance Dance - 2.0
(Fare Soldi "Zompa Zompa" rmx)
Ministry of Sound (2011)

Ryskee - Horrors of Love
(Fare Soldi "Spaghetti molto bene" rmx)
Southern Fried (2011)

Scuola Furano - Pina Colada
(Fare Soldi "Shake your Burek" rmx)
La Valigetta (2010)

Fare Soldi - VIGORILLA ep
Riotmaker Records (2010)

LBCK - Start
(Fare Soldi "Alla Frutta" rmx)
On The Fruit (2010)

Fare Soldi
Houstria Ep
Riotmaker Records (2010)

AAVV - Italo School

Fare Soldi - Tutto Tutti Sempre Subito
Sony Music (2009)

Funkabit - Mininova

(Fare Soldi "Sederone" rmx)
Mozzarella Rec. (2010)

Fare Soldi
Sappiamo dove abiti
Riotmaker Records (2008)


Fare Soldi
Mago Ninja Robot
Riotmaker Records (2008)

Fare Soldi
One Nation under a Grande Cassa
Riotmaker Records (2005)

Fare Soldi
Riotmaker Records (2002)